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I personally whitened over 2,000 peoples teeth in the last 6 months.  I worked a booth at the Del mar Fair in San Diego, CA, the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, Ca, The L.A. County fair, and The Big E Fair in Springfield, Massachuttess.


A brighter smile is a happier smile.
Safe and effective Carbamide Peroxide whitening gel
Approved light device that is specifically designed for teeth whitening treatment A brighter smile is a happier smile.

Gleam offers a take home kit that is easy to use. You will be given a mouth tray holder to hold the mouth tray which attaches to the 6 bulb light which fits in your mouth with no need to hold onto it with your fingers. 2 batteries are provided in kit.  You  will get 3 syringes of 3ml of 44% carbamide peroxide, enough for at least 9 treatments.

Cost is $60 for professional take home klt.


We have seen other kits on the internet that are much cheaper.  But most havew 1 bulb, the light has to be held in place with your fingers, and the % isn't as strong.  You will also have to buy your own batteries.  Our batteries are $6 each, 2 included.

I had a girl come to me with a recommendation from her friend on Facebook. Who had her teeth whitened by me.   Here is what she wrote.